Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ohhhhhh, stitching stitchy stitchy stitchy

As fast as it came upon me, it has gone and left me alone with a pile of threads and a barely started project. Oh mojo, why? OK, I admit it, I know why. First of all, I've been sick for a week. You know how the Chinese have the year of the monkey, etc.? I'm scared my year will be "The Year of the Germ" or some such. Secondly, I did restart Simply Angelic. New fabric, new threads, still not happy. The thread colors just aren't meshing for me. Here are the last photos I've taken of this:

I'm a lot further along now, which is how I know I still don't like the colors I picked. My rabbit is orange, for thumper's sake, CARROT ORANGE! I was thinking a dark color, a rust, a brown, even a tan---and I swear this is a tan, but on the fabric it is in-your-face orange.

So I'm not stitching because I'm annoyed at this project and at myself for my sudden inability to do a good floss toss. If I'm going to continue I really need to unfrog my rabbit (only in stitchy terms does that make any sense!) and most of my other progress to virtually start all over--yeeeeeccccch. Maybe this is one project that was doomed from the start!

Forget it, I may stick with fabric dyeing...

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"unfrog a rabbit"--Yep, I comprehend that just fine.

I like to change colors, but I hate how much it slows me down when I change my mind. Hope you find some new threads that suit you for this.
As sick and twisted as 'unfrogging your rabbit' sounds to non-stitchers, I think that might be the only way... ;o)... I can get annoyed like that too and the only way for me is to fix it there and then otherwise my project will and up in the bin... I would love to see more of your project, the fabric is amazing! I'm sure you'll figure it out!
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