Monday, April 06, 2009

Another weekend, no stitching. I did manage to fall asleep in the laundry room on a mountain of clothes (no lie). I'm starting to wonder if that mountain should stay, best sleep I've had in awhile ;)

I know I'm not stitching because I'm battling with whether or not to toss Simply Angelic into the UFO pile (never to be seen again because that's where my UFO's go, I guess to Mars). However, Tanya at the Sampler Girl has changed this for me. I was finally able to buy the Companion Books 2 and 3 and I know what my next project should be. I keep seeing giant projects I want to start and yet I know that my mojo is too fragile to face BAP, or even a SMAP (small-medium), and so I know:

Pinkwork Sampler 1837 from The Sampler Girl Companion Book 2 (pink one on bottom right)

I'm thinking to use my Attic Antique fabric that went wrong (I only used part of the piece for Simply Angelic) and some murky colors to compliment my living room decor and other stitching hanging in there. This will be a nice tribute for my husband and myself, I don't have any wedding samplers or anything like that to force us to stay together if only for the sake of the threads ;) Any bets on if I will get started tonight or not?

"And now, world domination is MINE! Mwahhhh-haaa-haaa" (evil laughter)

This photo was texted to me at 3:37 this morning by my husband, who is on a different sleep schedule, and was in the living room watching TV with evil puppy. Now, 9 nights out of 10 evil puppy is less evil and more cute, but on the 10th night we are forced to muzzle evil puppy in an effort to get through the night with some of our possessions partially intact. Keep in mind, evil puppy gets plenty of walks and play throughout the day, plus giant meaty bones to gnaw and assorted rawhides to boot. So on that 10th night, she's obviously channeling the outer circles of hell rather than needing more play or chewies. The muzzle makes her look like something out of "Silence of the Lambs" so when you add the glowing alien eyes and the freshly conquered box, you get scared--very very scared! On the bright side, I was curled up with sweet Beanie man sleeping at 3:37 am, so who's laughing now???? (pointing and laughing at DH)

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