Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big vs. Little---Big wins every time

(Scroll down for stitchy stuff)

I have had a week! If I was not trying desperately with every fiber of my being to be positive about this #$%$%^@ week I would be saying that the only thing that could make me unwind at this point would be for me to lie down in the parking lot and have someone drive back and forth over me until I'm like jelly (today I've gotten to the point of asking for volunteers, lol). Of course, I'd only be saying this is I wasn't being so cheerily positive (big toothy, lots of teeth grin).

You might guess I did not park sideways to begin with. I was working, minding my own business, when this terrible apocalyptic grinding crash noise occurred. In fact, I'm reminded of the poem "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" where "...there arose such a clatter" they sprung up from their bed to see what was the matter. Just switch "bed" with "discount ergonomic computer chair" and it's the same :) Anyhoo, my poor little tiny car had been smashed to tiny little bits by a monster truck (a lifted Ford F-250, made from titanium steel). Someone lost control of the truck, drove into a brick wall, somehow bounced off and went in the complete opposite direction, careened around light poles and over parking blocks, nailed my little delicate flower at 25 mph, and spun it around 90 degrees, leaving them both locked side by side. It was easy to see my little car was totaled--the back seat didn't used to come to a triangle point in the middle, nor did I have (although admittedly it would be convenient) access to the trunk through the giant void between the back dash and the back seats before.

No one was hurt, which is why I am entitled to be annoyed that the person who did this was not insured. We had a rental car through our insurance for a few days and I am glad for that. The blue book value on a 9 year old Kia is enough for a dinner out in the Circle K microwave breakfast sandwich section so we will not be able to replace the car. Add to that, we've officially run out of reserves this week and have no more money, actually about to be at a negative balance. Fabric and chart sales have been down a bit with this economy and our ebay/jewelry sales have also been in a slump. Will we starve? Doubtful, just not sure how to get from this week to next. We purposefully don't keep an actual credit card so we have nothing to fall back on. Very scary. What we do have is faith, so I know we'll get by :)

On the good side, stress = stitchy for me! I just have to fill in the heart and I am done with this beautiful design (although I may have to rename it Cherrybark Sampler 1837)!

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Well, thank goodness you weren't inside!! Guess the safest thing is to just sit and stitch!! Sending good thoughts your way!!
That whole situation is rotten...I'm so sorry that you aren't able to get anything from the insurance.

Hang in there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything works itself out for you. {{hugs}}
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