Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finish Finished

The Sampler Girl - Companion Booklet 2
SNS Fabric 28 ct. Attic Antique evenweave Oops and Oddment (too dark to be Attic Antique)
Fibers: GAST Cherrybark and HDF unknown red clay-like silk
Changed the initials and date in the heart

It's done! I am so happy with it! For the first time in forever I have started and finished something in a timely manner, and did the "finish finish" to boot! I had a whole slew of ideas on the trim but with no stitching budget I got creative and used the rest of the GAST. I took two strands, laid them side by side, and tacked them around the middle of the edges, then used the rest of the two strands as a hangar. It matches perfectly and gives it the low-key but polished look I wanted.

Notforgotten Farms - Hallow's Eve Pin Keep Trio
SNS Fabric 32 ct. Oops and Oddment
Fibers: GAST Dried Thyme
I had a little bit of trouble deciding what to start next as I lost my working copy and original of "I Told You I Was Sick" tombstone by Notforgotten Farms. I had to order this from at least 4 shops before Wyndham Needleworks could finally get it for me, I had really given up on it! This was a good year ago and then I kept losing it. I finally made a working copy to keep in my stitching binder and had it up until a few weeks ago (I guess?). I know it was in there recently but when I got the fabric and threads together I couldn't find the working copy. In looking for something else to stitch I ran into the original copy and finally started it yesterday! Geesh, what a saga and I've barely started it! It's moving really quickly but I am worried about the thread on the fabric, it seems almost bright enough but maybe not...any thoughts???

Bryce went to his first prom last weekend, I managed to catch an accidental smile in with all the other shots. He wanted to ride to and from with his "friend" Crista but I reminded him that would constitute a date. He has grown his hair long to make his father and I crazy, and he loves it in his eyes like that. In church I'm sure when he passes the sacrament all of the congregation is worried he will trip and throw the tray at someone's head ;) However, we are letting it slide simply because we know his intention and really, we'd rather pick a more important battle to win. Anyone have a time machine? I wouldn't mind visiting the past now and then!! Teens can be such a pain in the patoot!

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Wooho, great finish! The fabric looks so pretty in the sunlight! The tombstone fabric/floss combo looks VERY interesting. It's so hard to tell from a picture if it ill work, but it looks like it will!! Bit gruesome though... ;o)
Love your finish and the tombstone combo looks great!
I love your sons photo! I vote for originality and shows a true sense of independence. Good for him!
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