Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Happy Happy

The Sampler Girl - Companion Booklet 2
SNS Fabric 28 ct. Attic Antique evenweave Oops and Oddment (too dark to be Attic Antique)
Fibers: GAST Cherrybark and HDF unknown red clay-like silk
Changed the initials and date in the heart

It's done!! It's done!! It's done!!


So happy! I'd forgotten that rush of pleasure, I didn't get it when I finished the LHN Stars and Stripes. But this feeling, it's such a part of why I stitch! To feel satisfied with a job well done, to feel as if I accomplished a goal, to have something tangible to feel good about :)

This was such a pleasure to stitch, it's my first Sampler Girl design but it won't be my last. The fabric has just the right feel to it, the floss was the perfect color, every stitch felt good! My needle felt like it knew where to go and all the stitches made sense.

I showed DH last night and he wants to know why the letters in the heart are at different heights. I explained that as a primitive sampler it looks "right" that way. He then wanted to know why I put his initial on the low spot and mine on the high. Geesh, LOL! Because the "T" was already charted in the high spot, not because I have a secret agenda ;) (that he knows of).

I have already started finishing it off, it's going to be a wall-hanging for my living room to remind DH every time he sees it that he is stuck with me for many more years.

What to stitch now????

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Super nice finish!
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