Thursday, April 09, 2009

How fast do you stitch?

I've been thinking for awhile on stitching speed. I always read that the "average" stitcher can do a one-colored 10 x 10 block of stitches in an hour, or 100 stitches an hour. Then I see all these blogs (not just one, but MANY) where they do an incredible amount of stitching every day and I think, even if I could sit and stitch all day, there is no way I could do that. Am I a (gulp) slllllllooooowww stitcher? I think I must be. If I had more mojo I'd clock myself doing that block of 100 and see. Anyone time themselves? Have any tips? The double ended needles are beyond me, other than that and pre-threaded needles, I don't know of anything to go faster!

Pinkwork Sampler 1837
The Sampler Girl
Stitches'N'Stones 28 ct. evenweave (was Attic Antique gone too dark in spots)
GAST Cherrybark
started 4/6/09

Here is my progress on The Sampler Girl Pinkwork Sampler 1837. I've worked on it for two nights for a total of 2.5 hours (while watching the Japanese Ninja Warrior gameshow --who knew there were female sumo wrestlers??) and am probably about 1/5 done with it. I really love the dark red of the Cherrybark on it. I was thinking for the initials inside the heart I might go for a brighter red as a little contrast, not sure yet. I'm really enjoying the fabric except 28 count seems so big. Guess I'd better get used to it, my eyes are getting O-L-D!

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Don't worry about speed, just enjoy what your doing!! I've been churning out smalls for the past few months and just recently dusted off my Village of Hawk Run Hollow, and one block. is. just. taking... forever ...LOL!! I've been stitching for days and I'm not even half way... But I decided that is okay and I'm having fun... woohoo! Wishing you lots of fun!!
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